When Laura first came to us, she was recovering from a broken arm, and was extremely nervous about injuring herself even further. In addition to that she was struggling with low self esteem and fear of judgment. Determined to make… Read more »

Will CrossFit make me bulky?

We get this question from ladies All the time…. Straight answer, NO. Want to get bulky? Sure here’s a step-by-step how: Train 6-8 hrs a day Eat 4000 calories worth of egg whites, broccoli, and protein shakes, Hook yourself up… Read more »

Why is CrossFit so expensive?

Why is CrossFit so “expensive”? It is a question that CrossFit Affiliate owners are asked on a daily basis; and likely a question/comment many members of CrossFit Affiliates hear too. “Expensive”, like hard, soft, cheap, hot, cold, etc. is a… Read more »

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